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Ceylon Tips Branding Inked Agreement for CIIE 2024 Participation

Tuesday 23rd of January 2024

In a groundbreaking move on January 23, the 7th China International Import Expo (CIIE) orchestrated its first-ever symposium in Colombo, Sri Lanka. With the theme of “New era, Shared future” the event, sponsored by the China International Import Expo Bureau, National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Sri Lanka Export Development Bureau, and the Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka, marked a significant milestone in fostering economic and trade ties between China and Sri Lanka.

The CIIE working group utilized the symposium to extend a warm invitation to Sri Lankan enterprises, urging active participation in the seventh CIIE. With the support of Bank of China Colombo Branch, the event aimed to promote economic exchanges and cooperation while showcasing the immense opportunities for Sri Lanka in China's burgeoning market.

Li Guangjun, Counselor of the Economic and Commercial Office of the Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka, emphasized that the CIIE embodies China's sincere commitment to sharing its expansive market with Sri Lanka. In the past six years, the CIIE has played a pivotal role in connecting global businesses, including those from Sri Lanka, with the vast Chinese consumer base, contributing significantly to the prosperity of China-Sri Lanka economic and trade relations.

Ning Feng, President of the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., highlighted the CIIE's role as a window for China's new development pattern, offering a platform for high-level opening up and serving as an international public product. He expressed the CIIE's commitment to supporting Sri Lankan companies and facilitating the entry of high-quality goods into the Chinese market.

Dr. Kingsley Bernard, Chairman of the Sri Lanka Export Development Board, acknowledged the historical trade ties between China and Sri Lanka, designating China as an essential trading partner. He affirmed that the CIIE presents an expansive platform for Sri Lankan businesses to showcase high-quality goods and further explore the Chinese market, with plans to actively organize companies for participation in the seventh CIIE.

During the symposium, the Sri Lanka Export Development Bureau solidified collaboration by signing a memorandum of cooperation. Ceylon Tips Branding Pvt Ltd, a prominent player in the Sri Lankan market, confirmed its participation in the CIIE by signing an agreement, marking a concrete step towards enhanced Sino-Sri Lankan trade relations.

Mr. Chamara Gamage, manager and pioneer of Ceylon Tips Branding, recently inked an agreement signifying the company's commitment to participate in the China International Import Expo (CIIE) for the seventh consecutive year. Drawing from his extensive experience of actively participating in the event for the past six years, Mr. Gamage shared valuable insights with Sri Lankan manufacturers and exporters, underlining the importance of continued engagement in the CIIE.

The CIIE working group extended its engagement beyond the symposium, visiting key institutions such as the Sri Lanka Export Development Authority, Cargills (Ceylon) PLC, and the Colombo International Container Terminal – a flagship project of the "Belt and Road" initiative. Their visit aimed to foster collaboration and extend sincere invitations to Sri Lankan companies for future exhibitions, solidifying the bridge between the two nations.

This historic symposium sets the stage for a new era of economic collaboration, emphasizing the CIIE's role as a catalyst for mutually beneficial trade relationships between China and Sri Lanka. The seventh CIIE promises to be a pivotal platform for Sri Lankan enterprises to shine on the global stage and contribute to the ever-growing partnership between these two nations.